My name is Camille. I’m a sophomore at Christopher Newport University (#captainforlife), majoring in Accounting in Finance. That’s how you identify yourself here, with your major and whether or not you are in PLP (President’s Leadership Program), which I am… for now.

I do a ton of self-reflection. That’s honestly what this blog will most likely be about because I have maxed out the memory space in my head to hold all these conclusions I’ve made about my life. Sorry, not sorry, but I may talk in circles. I walk in enough of them throughout the day, it only makes sense my thinking matches the pattern.

The biggest problem I’m facing in my life right now are contradictions. I think this is the typical college issue at this age (20) because you finally adjusted to college life enough to start figuring out what it is you like and believe and what you will simply tolerate or hate. That being said, I’m really just aiming to not be a hypocrite right now while I try to figure out everything happening around me. It’s alot harder than I thought it would be, if I’m completely honest. I mean, you say you don’t like something someone else does but then you go around and make an exception for yourself. I can change my opinion on something before i even finish my own damn sentence. That’s how confused and obnoxiously pensive I am.

Anyways, that’s me right now.

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